Here it is! Our brand new album Back to the Drawing Room is now out!


Album cover


You can find it on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon… and you want a pretty physical copy click here!



Here is the video for our BRAND NEW TRACK “Archipelago” from our BRAND NEW ALBUM. We hope you like it.




Last week some of of us sat around a table with some friends and sang some songs. You can find a little taster of it below. If you want to hear more head over to the pledge campaign to get an exclusive access to the upcoming ones!




Our next album, Back to the Drawing Room, is done!

The recording, mixing and mastering is all complete, but we need your help with the final push: getting physical copies into the hands of you, the fans.

We need to raise the cash to get this album pressed (on CD and vinyl) and you can help us out.

The album is available for pre-order here on PledgeMusic and doing so will get you access to updates, videos and bonus material.

On top of that, we’ve got all kinds of goodies for you – signed CDs, beautiful vinyl albums and brand new T-shirts – as well as some awesome experiences for those willing to dig a little deeper to help us out.

So take a look around and please help us get this album out there.

Thanks for everything,

Smokey Bastard